Subaru Outback 



In stock form, the Subaru Outback has earned itself a reputation boasting reliability and practicality.  Consequently so, a standard fixture at urban intersections, every parking lot, any hiking trailhead.  It's abundance is not in itself an issue, but when combined with an admittedly mundane appearance it simply blends into any background.  The issue we have set to address. 

The polished alloys are removed, replaced with a set of Rally inspired wheels - a set of 17x7.5 Bronze Sparco Terra better equipped to accept oversized 225/65r17 BFGoodrich All-Terrain KO2 tires.  The KO2 speaks for itself...but we're happy to sing it's praises:  3Peak Winter Rating, Baja proved Off-Road traction and 6Ply Construction with a classic A/T tread pattern to boot - this is one of our favorites!  

To fit the bigger tires, we have installed a 2" lift by LP Adventure.  Their product quality matched with exceptional customer service have earned our trust as a part supplier.  The kit comes complete with 2" front strut spacers,  2" rear spacers, rear subframe drop kit, brake relocating brackets and longer exhaust hangers.

Once complete, the entire package retains the original ride quality while providing 3 additional inches of clearance for off-road and winter driving.  The switch from All-season to All-terrain tires provides a subtly rugged feel.  A welcome bonus: an Outback you'll notice.  



This entire package including Lift, Wheels, Tires and Installation costs a little over $2300.  


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