LX470 O.M.E. Suspension 


Off the factory floor, Toyota's LX470 suspension was top of the line.   Adjustable hydraulic shocks paired with "luxury" soft ride springs may have been great at the time, however daily use over a hundred thousand miles takes a toll - the ride becomes bouncy and unresponsive with a range of issues including leaky lines and irregular adjustment. 

Our friends at Old Man Emu (Australia's ARB suspension devision) have a solution: ditching the overly-complicated, problematic system for tried and true static suspension. 

Hydraulic shocks are replaced with OME's Nitro Charged sport shocks.  Each shock is valved specifically for individual application; tailor made for 100 series LX470/Landcruisers. 

Up front, thin torsion bars are replaced with OME Torsion Bars - providing a firm ride with the option to raise the vehicle significantly higher. 

Replacement OME Rear Springs give added stiffness, alleviating the rear sag by providing 2 inches of lift. 



The installation of Old Man Emu Shocks, Torsion Bars and Springs was $350. 

As an option, the complete removal of auxiliary OEM ACH components including 10+ fluid feed and return lines, reservoir, 4x Fluid Pumps, in addition to ECU/relay/fuses to avoid dash lights was an addition $200


(this job also applies to 1998-2007 Landcruisers)