FJ60/FJ62 OME Lift 


For 30 year old Landcruisers, you can't get a much better return on investment than new suspension.  Years of use (or sitting) under these heavy bodies takes a toll on the spring-packs and shocks.  There are a few options on replacements, but Old Man Emu is far and away the most trusted.  ARB offers a range of options anywhere from stock replacement to 2-3" lift options with Light, Medium and Heavy weight settings.  

In addition to the Leafsprings and shocks we highly recommend replacing the shackles and bushings as well.  Rarely do the old parts just "fall out"; most require heat and a grinder so replacement with OME shackles is always a good move.  It's an upgrade as well, OME shackles have zerk fittings allowing them to be re-greased at any time.  



The installation of Old Man Emu Leaf Springs and Shocks is $400.  The installation of additional accessories including shackles, bushings and steering stabilizer is free.  

This applies to 1983-1989 FJ60 FJ62 HJ61 HJ60 and most 70 series Landcruisers.